Nassau 1

E-Guitar with two Humbucker and screwed neck

Body/Korpus: flamed Esh– Oil-Copal-Polish
Neck: Maple– French Polish
All finishing’s are polished and very thin!

Fingerboard: Palisander (angemeldeter Altbestand)
Compound Radius: 12 inch to 16 inch – Charakter modern
Nuts: Black Angus Horn compensated, 4,25 cm
Tuner: Sperzel USA Production, silver
Brigde: Schaller STM Rollerbrigde
Silver 5,4 cm
Measure: 25,5 Zoll / 64,8 cm

Pirate Style Story:
The Nassau 1 is refurbished with engraved aluminum plats:

  1. The Stringholder plate with the Bahamas emblem
  2. Neckplate with skull
  3. E-cover with “Forward, Upward, Onward, Together” /

Electronic & Wireing:
The Nassau1 is equipped with two big HB1&2 humbucker, developed and hand wound by Setrie: Dynamic, Dynamic, Dynamic!

The Nassau has a volume poti, a Toggle Switch and a ton poti with a Push Push switch Humbucker to single coil (Coil split).

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