T.L.P. Classics

Three Little Buddies = T.L.B

Setrie PU’s for the top-selling electric guitar from California.

High-definition classical singlecoil sound with fine string separation. Distinctive treble never hash, clear warm midst and full bass.

Three versions:

  • T.L.B. 60 Classic: AW 42 heavy formvar, Alnico 5 Cylinder,
  • T.L.B. 57 Classic: AW 42 heavy formvar, Alnico 5 Cylinder rounded tops, much „Surfing Twang“,
  • T.L.B. 64 Classic: AW 42 plain enamel, Alnico 5 Cylinder.

PUs with deeper size!

Router required or guides the cable along the side of the bridge PU.


Black or black aged, crème or crème aged,
vintage beige or vintage beige aged, white or white aged,

Three Singlecoil:  Neck, Middle, Bridge,
Three Singlecoil:  Neck, Middle reverse, Bridge,

Size: 48mm, 50mm, 52mm, Size Original,

Iron base plate for bridge PU optional, to support the bass frequency.

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